City Lights

from by Ess Vee

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I've never met a butterfly, just a bunch of moths
We circle the light to knock each other off
Methods of our survival must be an unwritten bible
Authored by mostly psychos this cycle is suicidal
Everybody's a judge I'm not America's idol
I'm speaking another language couldn't pair us on the Eiffel
Cuz I'll fly away, and live to see another day
But these city lights always happen to stifle
Red Amber and green I watch as those lights gleam
Paralyzing the gullible mesmerizing the weak
And as I speak, another soul has been sold
Another dream has been murdered, it's all written in bold
But you refuse to read, and I'm just as guilty
I'm no different man I'm just as filthy
Cause I'm lusting for the light, illuminating wrong
A battle within a fight so I start to sing along


I said that I'm lost in them city lights
I guess that I'm gone in them city lights
I said that I'm lost in them city lights
I guess that I'm gone in them city lights

The lyrics that I have written in songs that you have listened
Is just me scratching the surface to figure out what is missing
I can do this with my eyes closed, but I rather not
I rather see who's the next rapper that they're calling hot
I gotta bone to pick with certain critics
But if I pick that bone I'll leave them paralyzed so I rather kick it
I'd rather be the one that they're forced to listen
So they can't escape me listen this is all precision
Red and blue lights flashing off my dash
Club full of lost souls flashing off the cash
Write songs on a daily so you know I gotta stash
And that garbage that you idolize nothing but new trash
But who am I to judge, just a person searching for the light
Searching through the day searching through the night
This is life, bits and pieces in a song
Staring at the stars in my mind I sing along

[Hook] x2


from Good Times Good Vibes, released October 27, 2016
Written by Ess Vee
Produced by Tecknowledgy
Saxophone by Lucas Perez



all rights reserved


Ess Vee Irvington, New Jersey

Born in Newark, raised in Irvington, Ess Vee sheds a new light on hip hop from New Jersey. With his ability to bring his thoughts to life in the form of his music from personal experience, Ess connects with his listeners as they relate.

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