Good Times Good Vibes

by Ess Vee

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Good Times Good Vibes is a true representation of life imitating art. From the production to the packaging this album, Ess Vee showcases his growth as a person and as an artist. Feeling free to express himself without fear of criticism, Ess Vee takes listeners on a journey to vibe with him through the reality of being creative, the good, bad and ugly. Offering a little bit of everything for everybody, "Good Times Good Vibes" allows the listener to turn up, turn down, or vibe out. Coming out 2 years since his last project, Ess Vee invites you to take this ride with him and stick around for his journey as an artist.


released October 27, 2016

Ess Vee


Ess Vee

BassTrap Studio


© & ℗ 2016 The Assoc.



all rights reserved


Ess Vee Irvington, New Jersey

Born in Newark, raised in Irvington, Ess Vee sheds a new light on hip hop from New Jersey. With his ability to bring his thoughts to life in the form of his music from personal experience, Ess connects with his listeners as they relate.

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Track Name: Sunrise
Turn me up
Yeah yeah yeah
Aight here we go
Ladies and Gentlemen
How y'all doin' tonight
As we uh, ride down the sunset
I want yall to take a journey with me
And experience these Good Times and Good Vibes
You feel me
I got a couple of thoughts I wanna share with yall

This ain't for the turn up, this is for my riders
This is for my people in school, my 9 to 5ers
This is for my homies who just wanna get away
Roll something toast something shouts to all the 1Lifers
Cruising through the city blasting all my old records
As I listen started cringing as I flow reckless
Dissected all the records then developed my own checklist
Then picked up the pen and started to go relentless
Never had no money but I knew Good Times
Never 'round the funny cause I knew Good Vibes
Never had no honey I was lowkey kinda bummy
And my pen was like buddy so I wrote good rhymes
Listen, I was never the one to go hate on another
I was always the one who showed love to all my brothers
See we all eating and that's word to my team
Getting cream and living dreams, nah mean

Getting cream and living dreams, nah mean

This ain't for the turn up, this is for my riders
This is for my people in school, my 9 to 5ers

This ain't for the turn up, this is for my riders
This is for my people in school, my 9 to 5ers
This is for my homies who just wanna get away
Roll something toast something shouts to all the 1Lifers
Track Name: Zoning
Good Times Good Vibes
So high I could touch the sky
So high I could touch the sky

[Verse 1]

I'm feelin good on the daily, my home girl is Israeli
She said go and kill the game, I said you ain't gotta tell me
And shouts to all the haters who think that I'm catching vapors
Man the only thing I'm smoking is this beat but not the papers
See I leave that to my stoners, Rollin them diplomas
Enjoying every second cuz we only getting older
See it's like a roller coaster, you take your ups and downs
But life gets unexpected when it turns you upside down
But, it's expected though
You hold it all inside man just let it go
And I ain't talkin bout smoking that medical
It's time for you to shine you better let it show, I let them know that
I'm a different person in the zone
I intercept then I take her back home
We done left the spot while you're whipping out your phone
She gone Thank Me Later cuz we're So Far Gone


You could catch me zoning
Catch me zoning like I'm high
So high I could touch the sky
So high i could touch the sky
Said I'm vibing
Said I'm vibing like I'm high
So high I could touch the sky
So high i could touch the sky

[Verse 2]

Everyday they be stressin gotta teach them a lesson
See these rappers are my prey so I slay and count my blessings
I don't need a Smith and Wesson just an instrumental
What I say hits the brain, I'm piercing through your temple
Good Times Good Vibes is what I'm about
Keep the ladies you know, cuz I ain't with that summer drought
Hit the block party and vibe with that summer crowd
They smokin loud now tell me what your summer 'bout
I'm just tryin to chill
Only lookin for beef if it's coming off the grill
I mean for real what you trying to prove
You all about that drama you automatically lose
See I'm ready to choose a lady from these people
When you treat her like a queen, in her heart is where she keep you
That's why I'm lethal always spittin it right
A cup of thug passion will make everything right

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Higher
Don't need the green
Don't need the green

[Verse 1]

Don't need the green, don't need to roll
Don't need no papers, so here we go
I close my eyes then let it take control
The power of music baby let it shape your soul
You hear the rhythm, just let it speak
Having conversations from your heart to the beat
And vice versa let your body move
Let the music cut you deep and just feel the groove
I'm feeling high, yes I'm levitatin
The devil will never reach while I'm celebratin
Just pack your bags and come and take this trip
You know the Games Over once I do this Lil Flip
Of my favorite coin you know it's double sided
Either way you win it's obsolete to go and fight it
Just let the high take you above clouds
Enjoy the moment before you come on down.


I'ma get you high
I'm feelin high, yes I'm levitatin
The devil will never reach while I'm celebratin
I'ma get you high
I'm feelin high, yes I'm levitatin
The devil will never reach while I'm celebratin
I got you feelin high
I'm feelin high, yes I'm levitatin
The devil will never reach while I'm celebratin
I got you feelin high
I'm feelin high, yes I'm levitatin
The devil will never reach while I'm celebratin

[Verse 2]

It feels good, to be alive, I could've died, that's no surprise
I say a prayer every time I close my eyes
Man I count my blessings when I think about that night
See life is short don't let it pass you by
One second your like 14 then you're 25
They say it flies by but not for me I clipped the wings
So I'm killing time, that's the sign let me sing
My favorite song, and Vibe to The Source
I gotta Complex style showing no remorse
Load the magazine up and let it run it's course
Gotta keep your haters stable, treat 'em like a horse


[Verse 3]

Tell me what's your high, tell me what's your high
I can take you straight to cloud nine
Just sick back and ride, close your eyes
Do you trust me, cause I'm a take you there
Don't rush me, I'm just tryin to make it fair
To the heir of throne who'll be forced to king me
I'll grab the sword when I'm bored then I start the swingin
Decapitating navigating through the hate and aggravation
They respect my admiration fighting through this fabrication
Of this music game, boy it's not the same
Nothing will ever change, just remember where you came
This my life on paper, better yet on wax
No need to dial a number when I'm out here sending facts
Track Name: Money (feat. MoRuf)
[Ess Vee]

Listen uh
It's funny how a dollar make you lose your friends
Only four quarters guess Washington wins again
These Wizards can make spend took the land from the Redskins
Started in the Capitals now a Nationals sin
The rich get richer while thieves get slicker
Go figure see life is a motion picture
Starring you directed by everybody
Cameras on the corners at the lot in the lobby
You dancing to that Bobby while they Shmurder all your pockets
I move further while you stopped it, take over's part of my docket
When I get to thinking I start thinking out loud
I'm leaking all my thoughts like I saved it on a cloud
Ain't no hackers here homie just me hacking the system
Packin the hacksaw I'm hacking my competition
that's the price you pay, currency comes in different tokens
As long as there's money we are forever broken.


They say money make the world go 'round
From dollars, to yen, to pesos to euros and even a pound
(x 4)


The money keep it in rotation I'm caught in situation
I swear to god this --- is hella close that I could taste it
Sak pase to all my Haitians mama said just have patience
I say they movin flagrant they play me all in they station
As a youngin had to swallow pride
Gettin money was no joke shorty down to ride
I'm sick and tired being broke seen my mama cry
Workin' at Johnny Rockets I had to get that 9 to 5
Flippin burgers
That's like the brodie signed to Ass Money records
At the same time still getting that cash under pressure
It's kinda funny how it's getting worse
Shorty hittin my beeper said she want that Gucci purse
Now I'm asking myself this question what that coochie worth
Might as well spend it can't take it with me all in that hearse
That type of sh I probably put up in my will
Money don't buy happiness but sh do surely pay the bills

Track Name: Perspective
[Verse 1]

I live my moments in life always thinking bout what I did
Never think bout the future homie I was just a kid
Now I'm living in my past reminiscing how to live
Most of the kids I grew up with are out there doing bids
Something has to give
I'm writing down my life
For every project I put out I swear I see the light
Cuz I feel like I'm illuminating can you tell me why?
Now that all seeing eye is getting kinda dry
I wouldn't trade it all for the fame, big brother
Chemtrails dropping from the planes, big brother
I know that you watching through your frames big brother
I'm a cheat code all up in this game big brother
Russian roulette but them shots are vodka
I've been fighting in these streets and I'm shocked like Blanka
These haters wish them shots went blocka blocka
So I pull out the cape from inside my locker

[Verse 2]

You know those moments in life where you think bout love
Think about the pain, now you rocking gloves
Cuz your heart got broke and you body getting cold
And your story getting old cuz you're missing her hugs
This is where I plug in the names of all my past dames
But if I do that I give them some type of fame
And that's the last thing I need inside of my brain
I'm catching flashbacks of playing the blame game
Avoid memory lane I'm back on crack avenue
Plenty mean muggin and dimes with bad attitudes
It's Irvington where the world is mad at you
I was raised here, gotta show it gratitude
The same love from a mom to a toddler
The same love from an actor to an Oscar
The same love I show when I write,
Decapitate the mic, feels nice to be honored
Track Name: City Lights
I've never met a butterfly, just a bunch of moths
We circle the light to knock each other off
Methods of our survival must be an unwritten bible
Authored by mostly psychos this cycle is suicidal
Everybody's a judge I'm not America's idol
I'm speaking another language couldn't pair us on the Eiffel
Cuz I'll fly away, and live to see another day
But these city lights always happen to stifle
Red Amber and green I watch as those lights gleam
Paralyzing the gullible mesmerizing the weak
And as I speak, another soul has been sold
Another dream has been murdered, it's all written in bold
But you refuse to read, and I'm just as guilty
I'm no different man I'm just as filthy
Cause I'm lusting for the light, illuminating wrong
A battle within a fight so I start to sing along


I said that I'm lost in them city lights
I guess that I'm gone in them city lights
I said that I'm lost in them city lights
I guess that I'm gone in them city lights

The lyrics that I have written in songs that you have listened
Is just me scratching the surface to figure out what is missing
I can do this with my eyes closed, but I rather not
I rather see who's the next rapper that they're calling hot
I gotta bone to pick with certain critics
But if I pick that bone I'll leave them paralyzed so I rather kick it
I'd rather be the one that they're forced to listen
So they can't escape me listen this is all precision
Red and blue lights flashing off my dash
Club full of lost souls flashing off the cash
Write songs on a daily so you know I gotta stash
And that garbage that you idolize nothing but new trash
But who am I to judge, just a person searching for the light
Searching through the day searching through the night
This is life, bits and pieces in a song
Staring at the stars in my mind I sing along

[Hook] x2
Track Name: Dream II (feat. 185)
[185 - Hook]

Down and down we go
Down and down we go
But I refuse, no

Feels like I'm dreamin
I'm walkin but sleepin
They're calling my name
But I'm not hearin

[Ess Vee - Verse 1]

I close my eyes and fall victim between two different rhythms
The rhythm of reality ripples while I'm laying fickle
I grab the sickle and plant my dreams and just let it trickle
Down to the middle of this riddle after feeling crippled
By the thought of waking up yeah I'm shaken up
I tried to make that call while I'm dreaming but see it's breakin up
Cuz I rather stay in a place where I'm feeling great
And in that state paralysis is my only escape
I'm breathing heavy, I break the levy
Now my thoughts are rushin in
My punctured skin is bruised from being pinched you ready?
I wasn't I'm frontin I'm Cobb I couldn't tell the difference
If I knew my way through reality I would seal the entrance

[185 - Hook]

[Ess Vee - Verse 2]

Is this lucid the fluid from my forehead is freezing
I'm feeling stupid cuz I'm sleepin and I haven't a reason
I'm bleeding my thoughts on records feeling like a narcoleptic
Insomnia on to ya callin ya, you gotta accept it
I refuse to respect it the fact that ppl are chasing
This ain't no race and I'm just stating you can go live it no waiting
See reality's hating my morality's fadin
You can blame it on satan rather blame it on patience
It's a constant battle when they babble about making it
They better learn to grapple cuz these shackles yeah I'm breakin it
And yeah I'm takin it soon as I take it down
I'm closing my eyes I'm vibin out to that sound

[185 - Hook]

[185 - Bridge]

This is me
And I'm not changing for nobody
We will see
The reason that they can't stop me

Oh dreamer oh dreamer of me
They'll see where I wanna be
I close my eyes and I speak
This won't be the last of me
Track Name: A Moment to Chill
[Verse 1]

You think its easy to go and pick up a pen
Jotting down all your memories nothing written's pretend
Go inside the depths of my brain reaching for what's within
Cuz when I heard this beat I had no idea how to begin
As I'm committing the sinning of cheating on the bass drum
With the snare, strings, and lil bit of that bass hum
As I'm cookin up you better go grab a plate son
From the late 80s where you think I get my taste from
A gluten with the beats when I hear it from the streets
Where most of the murders happen while you sleep in your sheets
Let me take a breather while I'm sipping on some ether
On this beat I'm still a cheater would somebody call the preacher
Could they pray for me while I'm preying on my prey
Cuz, any day I can slip and catch a fade
Cuz every time that I formulate a rhyme
I just reach inside my mind, you vibe and I feel the love

[Hook] x2

Just vibe with me for a second
Take a moment to chill and embrace life
My words are my greatest weapon
See everything is real when I sit and write

[Verse 2]

Cyphers in Clef's house Xclusive on guitar
Freestyling with my brodies and we feeling like some stars
Fugee plaques hanging while I'm half rapping and sanging
His wife brought home some chicken man that KFC was bangin
Dee told me to never hold it back
He told me forget the haters they'll be hanging on my sack
He said keep your style wild never ever sell out
He my brother forever love him for that
It's a fact that I'll never fall
You better step your bars up and stop dropping calls
Cuz the games on the line
Got my past on hold I'm letting go and I'm nodding off
Let the beat take you to another place to another level
I rap to be great others rap for them bezels
I'm glad I'm a rebel took me a while to find this
To stay true to my craft and keep it timeless

[Hook] x2
Track Name: Bleeding Out (feat. A-natural)
I'm bleeding x2

[Ess Vee - Verse 1]

I tell'em
Look for me look for me please just hear me out
Ain't beggin for a record deal to pull me from my drought
I just need for you to listen when I put it out
Cuz my heart and soul is screaming and I'm bleeding out
Speaking out for every REAL artist out there
Always getting overlooked but we out here
I understand its the music business
But it seems like this business of music don't have the music in it
And I get it certain rappers only sell with gimmicks
But who's controlling the threshold there has to be a limit
It's seems like every time I'm cutting on the radio
Certain songs play they gotta be giving fellatio
Cuz the ratio to make it is 1 to a bill
If I ain't making money tell me what's one to a bill
Overdraft fees, debt past your knees
I call it how I see it homie stress comes in threes
This a letter from me I can feel your pain
I leave the water running every time I feel drained
Let it wash away my thoughts as I stare through the frame
My reflection is reflecting how I feel from day to day
This is a song to some but to others a message
For me to still be alive is another blessing
I'm here to do my thing and I'm no longer guessing
There's a lane in this game that I gotta step in

[A-Natural - Hook]

Said I'm bleeding
You cut me out when I only wanted to love you
And show you a better way
Said I'm bleeding out
But I still love you even if I cannot trust you
Enough to come save the day
Can you see it
Cuz I'm bleeding songs I'm bleeding history
Cuz I'm bleeding out
And I'm bleeding life, I'm losing legacy
But you don't hear me though

[Ess Vee - Verse 2]

I gotta couple questions that I need to ask
Like when we think about the future why we keep the past
Why we never support what's real, we always buying trash
Why is it when we fall in love we never make it last
How come you never fulfill your goals and follow your dreams
Why is it that you're full of fear at least that's what it seems
At least that's what I see on a daily average
Always on your phones don't you see the daily damage
Why is it every time we laugh when we send a text
Sending lols we tell ourselves but never raise breathe
Never raise a breathe never crack a smile
Why is it so hard to pick up the phone and just dial
I don't know am I the only who seeks the truth
If I don't do it you tell me who's gonna speak to you
It wasn't written this was spoken from the start
I'll never let this game rip me apart, that's from my heart

[A-Natural - Hook]

You don't hear me though
I'm bleeding
Track Name: BlackOut
[Intro Fade In]

Watch the world fade to black
as my eyelids are closing
I'm laying on my back

[Verse 1]

There comes a time and a place for success
The time is now the place is more than likely in my chest
Excuse my arrogance confident to say that I'm the best
It's open ended hope you ready to go take the test
It's called life, you could choose to back out
That's why I write and I'm calling this blackout
I fade away to the sounds of 808s
As I feel the room shake I awake to a mad house
So I rather close my eyes, sit there vibe
Now you understand why I take my time with every rhyme
I color in the pictures while y'all getting outta line
I'm tired of seeing flickers pull me over to the side
But I don't hit pause, I let it all play out
Right before it pops don't forget to take your tape out
I treat life like my Michael Jackson Thriller album
I play it all again cuz I know the outcome


Watch the world fade to black
as my eyelids are closing
I'm laying on my back
But it feels like I'm floating
Watch the world fade to black
as my eyelids are closing
I'm laying on my back
But it feels like I'm

[Verse 2]

Friends become foes your force to stand on your toes
Your family will abandon thee something that you should know
Your born alone die alone that's how the story goes
That's why I stay on the microphone rockin until I'm old
I'm just, saying what I feel at this moment
Adjust, to the music when it's real and it's potent
A must, is when I write surpassing the fabrication
Go hard with determination till the end of regulation
Cuz this game takes lives, when I think about it
Something's funky and I try to put my stink around it
Like broken vertebrae it's hard for you stand up
Learn to take pain cuz it's time for you to man up
What lies behind this door is a different type of people
Full of jealousy and envy so I'm staring through the peephole
Handshakes and daps mean a lot more than a gesture
Hold the ones you love and make sure they feel the pressure

[Hook x2]