A Moment to Chill

from by Ess Vee

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[Verse 1]

You think its easy to go and pick up a pen
Jotting down all your memories nothing written's pretend
Go inside the depths of my brain reaching for what's within
Cuz when I heard this beat I had no idea how to begin
As I'm committing the sinning of cheating on the bass drum
With the snare, strings, and lil bit of that bass hum
As I'm cookin up you better go grab a plate son
From the late 80s where you think I get my taste from
A gluten with the beats when I hear it from the streets
Where most of the murders happen while you sleep in your sheets
Let me take a breather while I'm sipping on some ether
On this beat I'm still a cheater would somebody call the preacher
Could they pray for me while I'm preying on my prey
Cuz, any day I can slip and catch a fade
Cuz every time that I formulate a rhyme
I just reach inside my mind, you vibe and I feel the love

[Hook] x2

Just vibe with me for a second
Take a moment to chill and embrace life
My words are my greatest weapon
See everything is real when I sit and write

[Verse 2]

Cyphers in Clef's house Xclusive on guitar
Freestyling with my brodies and we feeling like some stars
Fugee plaques hanging while I'm half rapping and sanging
His wife brought home some chicken man that KFC was bangin
Dee told me to never hold it back
He told me forget the haters they'll be hanging on my sack
He said keep your style wild never ever sell out
He my brother forever love him for that
It's a fact that I'll never fall
You better step your bars up and stop dropping calls
Cuz the games on the line
Got my past on hold I'm letting go and I'm nodding off
Let the beat take you to another place to another level
I rap to be great others rap for them bezels
I'm glad I'm a rebel took me a while to find this
To stay true to my craft and keep it timeless

[Hook] x2


from Good Times Good Vibes, released October 27, 2016
Written by Ess Vee, Produced by Tecknowledgy



all rights reserved


Ess Vee Irvington, New Jersey

Born in Newark, raised in Irvington, Ess Vee sheds a new light on hip hop from New Jersey. With his ability to bring his thoughts to life in the form of his music from personal experience, Ess connects with his listeners as they relate.

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