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[Verse 1]

I live my moments in life always thinking bout what I did
Never think bout the future homie I was just a kid
Now I'm living in my past reminiscing how to live
Most of the kids I grew up with are out there doing bids
Something has to give
I'm writing down my life
For every project I put out I swear I see the light
Cuz I feel like I'm illuminating can you tell me why?
Now that all seeing eye is getting kinda dry
I wouldn't trade it all for the fame, big brother
Chemtrails dropping from the planes, big brother
I know that you watching through your frames big brother
I'm a cheat code all up in this game big brother
Russian roulette but them shots are vodka
I've been fighting in these streets and I'm shocked like Blanka
These haters wish them shots went blocka blocka
So I pull out the cape from inside my locker

[Verse 2]

You know those moments in life where you think bout love
Think about the pain, now you rocking gloves
Cuz your heart got broke and you body getting cold
And your story getting old cuz you're missing her hugs
This is where I plug in the names of all my past dames
But if I do that I give them some type of fame
And that's the last thing I need inside of my brain
I'm catching flashbacks of playing the blame game
Avoid memory lane I'm back on crack avenue
Plenty mean muggin and dimes with bad attitudes
It's Irvington where the world is mad at you
I was raised here, gotta show it gratitude
The same love from a mom to a toddler
The same love from an actor to an Oscar
The same love I show when I write,
Decapitate the mic, feels nice to be honored


from Good Times Good Vibes, released October 27, 2016
Written by Ess Vee
Produced by Tecknowledgy
Saxophone by Lucas Perez



all rights reserved


Ess Vee Irvington, New Jersey

Born in Newark, raised in Irvington, Ess Vee sheds a new light on hip hop from New Jersey. With his ability to bring his thoughts to life in the form of his music from personal experience, Ess connects with his listeners as they relate.

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