Bleeding Out (feat. A​-​natural)

from by Ess Vee

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I'm bleeding x2

[Ess Vee - Verse 1]

I tell'em
Look for me look for me please just hear me out
Ain't beggin for a record deal to pull me from my drought
I just need for you to listen when I put it out
Cuz my heart and soul is screaming and I'm bleeding out
Speaking out for every REAL artist out there
Always getting overlooked but we out here
I understand its the music business
But it seems like this business of music don't have the music in it
And I get it certain rappers only sell with gimmicks
But who's controlling the threshold there has to be a limit
It's seems like every time I'm cutting on the radio
Certain songs play they gotta be giving fellatio
Cuz the ratio to make it is 1 to a bill
If I ain't making money tell me what's one to a bill
Overdraft fees, debt past your knees
I call it how I see it homie stress comes in threes
This a letter from me I can feel your pain
I leave the water running every time I feel drained
Let it wash away my thoughts as I stare through the frame
My reflection is reflecting how I feel from day to day
This is a song to some but to others a message
For me to still be alive is another blessing
I'm here to do my thing and I'm no longer guessing
There's a lane in this game that I gotta step in

[A-Natural - Hook]

Said I'm bleeding
You cut me out when I only wanted to love you
And show you a better way
Said I'm bleeding out
But I still love you even if I cannot trust you
Enough to come save the day
Can you see it
Cuz I'm bleeding songs I'm bleeding history
Cuz I'm bleeding out
And I'm bleeding life, I'm losing legacy
But you don't hear me though

[Ess Vee - Verse 2]

I gotta couple questions that I need to ask
Like when we think about the future why we keep the past
Why we never support what's real, we always buying trash
Why is it when we fall in love we never make it last
How come you never fulfill your goals and follow your dreams
Why is it that you're full of fear at least that's what it seems
At least that's what I see on a daily average
Always on your phones don't you see the daily damage
Why is it every time we laugh when we send a text
Sending lols we tell ourselves but never raise breathe
Never raise a breathe never crack a smile
Why is it so hard to pick up the phone and just dial
I don't know am I the only who seeks the truth
If I don't do it you tell me who's gonna speak to you
It wasn't written this was spoken from the start
I'll never let this game rip me apart, that's from my heart

[A-Natural - Hook]

You don't hear me though
I'm bleeding


from Good Times Good Vibes, released October 27, 2016
Written by Ess Vee, A-natural
Produced by Tecknowledgy and AimeZ
Additional Production by Ess Vee



all rights reserved


Ess Vee Irvington, New Jersey

Born in Newark, raised in Irvington, Ess Vee sheds a new light on hip hop from New Jersey. With his ability to bring his thoughts to life in the form of his music from personal experience, Ess connects with his listeners as they relate.

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